It has been reported today by various sources that Bellusci is wanted by Atalanta and Bologna, two Serie A clubs. This isn’t too much of a surprise as his style of play is more suited to the Italian game. The big question is whether Bellusci would want to leave, there’s a chance he’s fed up of the abuse he gets and wants out. However there is also a chance that he wants to prove everyone wrong and stay here for at least another season. If Bellusci was to leave it would leave Leeds in a bit of a problem, we’d only have three centre-halves and one of them would be Scott Wootton. We’d have to sign a replacement and we don’t have a long time left in which we can do that. If Bamba or Cooper were to get injured then we would have to rely on Wootton at this stage and nobody wants that, he hasn’t even played in that position for over a year. If we were to sign Liam Moore for example then I would be fine with Bellusci going, but at this stage I would definitely prefer that we keep him. What do you think?

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