8 years of Ken Bates, over a year of GFH and now we’re waiting for a Massimo Cellino takeover to be ratified by a man who was sacked by GFH. Leeds United for you ladies and gentlemen. It may be manageable if Cellino was guaranteed to be great for Leeds United, but that simply isn’t the case. Cellino, called the Italian Ken Bates by some, isn’t the calmest of men. He has sacked 35 managers in 21 years at Cagliari, he also sacked Brian McDermott on the 31st of January, I’m sure you all know about that. That really didn’t help improve the opinion on him amongst Leeds fans.

However since then for whatever reason, maybe it’s the signings of Connor Wickham and Jack Butland? Maybe it’s his passion? Maybe it’s simply because he isn’t Ken Bates or GFH and he apparently has money? I don’t know, I’m still not convinced on him. It says it all that we’re waiting to see whether or not he gets convicted with Fraud to decide if he is allowed to complete his takeover or not. The best thing about him, in my opinion, is that he’s not afraid to speak his mind. I’m fed up of the players putting in yet another lacklustre performance only for McDermott to say the same thing in every interview.

Speaking of the players. What even are they, apart from a disgrace? Never have I seen such a lack of effort from the players, we weren’t even this bad under Warnock. 9 goals conceded at home in 2 games, it doesn’t get much worse. With Burnley away up next on Saturday it’s not looking good. They just don’t look bothered and quite frankly I’ve had enough of it. They get paid more than enough, too much actually in most cases, don’t they owe it to us to put in a half decent performance? We pay very over-the-top prices to watch that load of rubbish. I’d also quite like us to have a proper captain if I’m being totally honest. As good as McCormack has been this season, he just isn’t a captain. Austin’s problem as a captain was that he wasn’t vocal enough, is Ross any better? Yes he may moan at people but he doesn’t tell everyone, properly, what they should be doing. When he’s not in the game like the past few you’d expect him to still be shouting at everyone but no, nothing.

Now that we’ve managed to waste another season I’d personally like us to play with a bit of passion, it may be too much to ask but I’d like to see them try. Everything at Leeds United is a mess at the moment. It is rotten at the core. The manager is just the tip of the iceberg, I don’t see much point sacking him whilst all this drama is going on. If we finally get a takeover completed and keep a bit of stability, I’d give Brian till Christmas next season and if we aren’t up there, he can go.

One thing that is for sure, we deserve better don’t we?

Marching on Together



  1. Enough is Enough Leeds united is the laughing stock of the football league its about time some one comes in with not a little but alot of passion. (IN MY OPINION THEIRS ONLY ONE WHO CAN PUT IT RIGHT AND THATS DAVID HE HAS GOT UNFINISHED BUSINESS AT LEEDS,

  2. Brilliant!
    You are right! The players are an absolute disgrace. There are 18 players earning over £10000 every single week!
    They know that their manager is ‘a dead man walking’ so think ‘Why should we care?’
    It’s called pride and passion. It’s called honor, it’s called respect to your paymasters and more importantly the thousands of us who pay fortunes, going home and away thinking that we might actually get some effort and desire.

    Desperate times and to David Haigh who says we definitely will not go into Administration if the Cellino bid fails……..I don’t believe you!!!!!!!


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