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‘Are you actually kidding?’ – Many Leeds United fans react as Derby County drop club update

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Derby County have invited fans to watch a session at their training ground, and it’s sparked a huge Spygate-related reaction from the Leeds United fans.

Marcelo Bielsa has big issues in the Premier League to overcome as Leeds continue to stutter at the start of the season.

It’s his fourth campaign in charge of the Whites and not one of them has been without excitement both from the side and within the division itself.

Bielsa’s first season saw a one-way rivalry forged thanks to a bitter Frank Lampard, who was in charge of Derby County at the time.

A huge row ensued when it was revealed one of Bielsa’s staff had been tasked to go watch Derby train prior to their game, from a public footpath – Leeds were fined £200,000 for their actions while Bielsa opted to pay it himself and offer sensational justification for his actions.

Both clubs have gone in completely opposite directions since, with Bielsa’s brilliance taking Leeds to ninth in the Premier League, while the Rams are rock bottom on 3 points with much bigger things to worry about than someone stood on a public path.

Their latest move has sparked bemusement from a lot of Leeds fans, as they revealed on Twitter that they would be holding an open training session for fans to come watch free of charge:

Such an announcement has gone down exactly as you would expect with the Leeds fans…

Derby are bordering on becoming a joke at the moment with how they’re handling everything.

They’re not in a great place at the moment and administration means horrid news ahead for hard working people who work for them.

However, they’re going to get very little sympathy from large sections of our fanbase on how they reviled in the Spygate fallout and fiddling with the books.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Derby-based Leeds fans turned up to this just to rub it in.

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