Are we, Leeds United, really aiming to finish in the top 10 this coming season? I know ‘Leeds United’ doesn’t mean much in footballing terms any more however I believe after 11 years outside of the Premier League we should really be aiming for the play-offs at least. I genuinely think Rosler will be thinking about the play-offs as his private target however it’s a big ask to see him still being Leeds head-coach at the end of the season. If Cellino stays in the background or he sells to a decent owner and Rosler gets a full season (and more) then I think we should expect a play-off challenge.

We’ve had too many seasons in this division, league one was more entertaining, this season is really a big, big year for Leeds United. I’m surprised we haven’t lost more fans than we have already, it really has been dreadful in recent times. Another few years of this and a whole generation of fans will probably be lost, making it hard to recover. There’s just something about this year which makes me positive though and I’m not usually one for positivity. Maybe it’s Adam Pearson, since he’s arrived we’ve looked like a proper football club. It’s still weird to see things which are the norm at every other club looking amazing here, like hiring an assistant coach. We’ve also got in a new goalkeeper coach, a club secretary and seem to be in the process of appointing a head of recruitment. Both our signings so far have been young, although we clearly need some experience, it’s nice to see us signing players who aren’t of the Michael Tonge David Norris feel. Although Bamba seems to be taking a while, it seems as though we have signed him, this would be massive for us as I thought we had no chance when he made his famous comments about Cellino. We could really use his experience at the back.

Back to the original point, I think we should definitely be aiming for the play-offs. I always think that it’s actually much easier to get Leeds promoted than anyone else in the league. All you need to do as an owner is get the fans interested, if you can get 30 thousand fans into Elland Road each week and play good, exciting football then you can something of an unstoppable force going. If Leeds have even a slight hope of being in the promotion battle, we’ll practically fill Elland Road every week and other teams won’t want to play against us. We don’t need the best team to get promoted, we just need a capable team. It’s really simple, we need to create more chances as a team. Although I love Redfearn he was restricted with the team he had last season, no pace and no finisher. The games a lot of the time at home were flat, Fulham and Wigan being good examples. We need power and pace, plenty of chances and hard tackles to get the crowd going. I don’t think it’s too difficult to imagine Leeds only losing 2-3 games at home all season if we had a decent team. To some of you what I’ve just said will look like complete rubbish but I know it will ring a few bells with some of you.

Let us know what you think Leeds should be aiming for this season in the comments below.



  1. If Rosler is given the tools and the the time we could win the league, Christ if Bournemouth can do it……!

  2. I agree with your opinion about Readfarn. There is too much hype around him, but the thruth is that his team was toothless and form me it was Thompson who won as many games in the second half of the season, although they were won with much of luck. I think that Rosler as a former striker can do much better, ofcourse with proper attacking additions to the squad.

  3. as a player just give the shirt respect give us fans100% thats all we ever ask and once were all behind you the team will be the greatest in the land once again

  4. Aiming for the Top 10 is fine, why would Rosler put himself under pressure by saying anymore? If we improve on that who’s gonna moan? Pearson will ensure Rosler gets to concentrate on the team without Cellino sticking his unwanted nose in. A defender (not Williamson from Newcastle), a central midfielder & a striker from the PL will give us a chance of doing something

  5. Unless we aim for the top 6 or better, what is the point??
    We have shed a lot of players in the last 12 months, but we are still waiting for a quality signing or three. I.e who can walk into the first 11.
    We have a big, quality, backroom staff and a new sprinkler system.
    Bates used to do that, and ignore the team!!
    Still can’t wait for the season to start – fool that I am!!!

  6. I agree, Leeds is a super tanker that only has to be steered in the right direction for it to go. Cellino didn’t make a huge amount of mistakes last season. It was the Hockaday appointment which started the coaching merry go round. The employment and then sacking of milanic was understandable in the circumstances and it wsa also understandable that he went foreign as he doesn’t know much about british players and yes they are expensive……… He also misjudged the quality of the championship which again in the circumstances is understandable
    What wasn’t acceptable though, was the public comments about staff and players, Massimo needs to reign it in as Leeds fans are truly fed up of premadonna owners……… they want an owner who works behind the scenes to build an empire and manages his staff well
    So if He can keep a lid on it and give the club some much needed stability we may just have a chance.

    As you say we need fire power, pace and width, get two or three decent players of this type and we could be a force again. Derby will most certainly be up there again and I also fancy Blackburn

  7. A supertanker? Just point it and watch?Jeez what deluded fools. 11 years ooutside the PL isn’t a blip. It isn’t like the PL is really missing the ‘mighty Leeds’ is it? Even the championship was a step too far not so very long ago. Lose 2-3 home games a season? If Bournmouth can we can. Jeez what deluded fools. Leeds Utd is like a recovering gambling adict. The club wouldn’t get tick at a corner shop. Leeds Utd holdings inc (or insert latest name) can’t afford anything like a squad that could sustain a decent push. A bit more quality. Blah blah blah. Sleeping giant. Blah blah. Huge fan base. Blah blah blah. Wake up. Smell the coffee. Pay the rent man this week and move on. It’s all about the money. Lack of.

    • got to be fair u make some valid points but theres no lack of money cellino on his own is worth into the 400million area without the aroroa sports nbame or whatever else it is behind him too

  8. Look how long it took Redders to get the team together. It was only in the 2nd half of the season that we should we were good enough to finish in the tip 10.
    But now it’d back to square one with a new manager,players coming and going and a different way to play.

    If we managed to finish in the top ten its good. But to make it into the play offs would be a bonus.

  9. If the people running Leeds United football club arn’t looking for automatic promotion/playoffs – then they shoudnt be in the job in the first place. For years and years and years we have had spectaculary low expectations every season and achieved them brilliantly. Even reading these posts pisses me off, everyone happy with the mediocre while small but well run clubs zoom past us on to promotion..Cellino – provide the money and do what other successful owners do – shutup and reap the rewards. Weve got Pearson and hopefully a good new manager. A few more good signings, keep ALL the young talent, start talking about automatic promotion, ER will be a packed every week and it will happen! Keep on playing everything down and as usual, we will get nothing!
    I thank you..

  10. Leeds are the biggest team outside of premier league it’s a fact biggest away fan base yes we should be looking at top 6 minimum but you only have to look around you the teams that come down don’t have the fans base we have a full Ellen road and a solid committed boss and built from back room to the pitch we got the beginning of that now as the old chestnut of a saying green shoots let’s get behind the mighty whites 45 years iv followed this club tears smiles Hart break but I’m still a believer Mot top 6 min


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