Well, that was terrible. A few half-chances here and there along with a diabolical referee just about sums the game up. Reading were the better team with a good away performance and Leeds are in a serious slump. Onto the ratings…

Andy Lonergan – 8 – Our best player today which is saying something, made a few really good saves and there was nothing he could do about the goal.

Into the defence…



  1. Most fans said before start of season that we need to address our defence and bring in at least one quality midfield general. Instead we recruited 15 attacking players!!! It really isn’t rocket science.

  2. Just listening to Noel Whelan on the way home and he’s saying Roofe should not have been taken off as he was having a good game..i don’t know what he was watching he’s crap..end of.Leeds need to man up and get on with it.We’ve gone from champagne football to fecking stout.anyway onwards and upwards ..mot

  3. Just listening to Noel Whelan on the way home and he’s saying Roofe should not have been taken off as he was having a good game..i don’t know what he was watching he’s crap..end of.Leeds need to man up and get on with it.We’ve gone from champagne football to fecking stout.anyway onwards and upwards ..mot.

  4. I don’t think 4-2-3-1 works with the Championship and the style of play TC wants. Leeds were lucky to beat B’ham and since then teams know what to do against us. Phillips and O’Kane need another central midfielder alongside them, and I don’t think Leeds would miss 1 of the 3 attacking midfielders from the starting 11. I can’t remember the last game when i thought all 3 attacking midfield players have had good games, intact only Saiz seems to be effective most games.

  5. No real surprise.
    The defence and midfield is the same as last year.
    We really Miss Chris Wood up front.
    Saiz is the only new signing that is with his salt.
    Summer recruiting really disappointing as has gone as expected.
    We have loads of backroom staff, we have ‘bought’ and improved the ground.
    The only thing worse is our squad!!


  6. Lasso gave is a quality forward. We need to give him the ball in danger areas. That means wingers who can cross and midfielders who can play a through ball. Not rocket science.

  7. Play Ayling in front of Janson & Cooper, Anita at right back and give Viera and Cibicki a chance in midfield.

  8. Well I don´t think Pablo Hernandez is a Leeds Utd. kind player and that have nothing about the penalty miss to do. Saiz is the player to take over from Pablo and to play them together is a luxury we can not afford. Pablo should be get rid off in January. But the recent games have just told us there is much work to do before we can be real promotion candidates. The next few games will be a real test for the manager.

  9. TC is not learning from his defeats! He doesn’t have powerful lonely striker and even we had Wood for last season, we still lacked of goals when Wood is isolated against weaker teams and suffering from defeats!!! This 4:2:3:1formation needs a great lonely striker and aggressive wingers!! We don’t have that!! We have to have 4:4:2 or 4:3:3 formation to increase firepower!! Otherwise we are not going to score!! TC just didn’t get that!! I did remember TC got this job by telling Andrea in the interview what Monk was doing wrong and how he would improve it which impressed Andrea and TC got the job. But if you analyse TC’s post defeat interview he keeps saying we’re tooo soft and not agressive enough and did nothing about that!! Wake up you stupid TC!! The players need to be tough is not going to change in one day!! Rome is not build in a day!! What you can do is change your formation and increase your firepower and let players practice it every day urgently!! Do not drop Alioski!! He is your best attacking player you have!!!

  10. Having thought about it overnight and when you analyse the Championship games this season we have had three good wins against struggling Burton, Sunderland and Forrest. We have hung on for wins against Bolton, Birmingham and Ipswich and struggled for draws with Fulham and Preston and lost the last four out of five games so it has been something of a worrying collapse.
    We have looked good when there is pace in the side and for me Anita gives us far more going forward than Beradi and balances the side up. Ekuban looked terrific against Sunderland and I can’t wait to see him back in contention and I’m fed up with banging on about Viera.
    Christiansen’s post match interviews fill me with no confidence whatsoever. He and his staff need to quickly prove they have the tactical nous to compete at this level and start winning games before we slip into mid table mediocrity. It’s not panic button time just yet but it will be soon if TC doesn’t get a grip on things.

  11. First, our squad is weaker than last season’s: players have been sold, released or returned to their clubs without being adequately replaced. Only Saiz of the newcomers looks the part. Second, the Manager appears to be weaker too – unsurprising perhaps in view of his modest cv. Both areas of weakness were evident before a ball was picked and without a kind opening fixture list, things would be worse. Returning to the first area, what did Taylor, Doukara, Bartley and Wood have in common ? – a physical presence to go with their complementary footballing skills, attributes strikingly absent from this season’s sides. Questions must be asked of our Director of Football, I think.

  12. Lets not get carried away we started the season brightly and are heading back to where we know where we will be fighting for a top six finish we are an average championship team who will fight it out with the other 5 average teams for the sixth position the top five spots we wont get near Leeds have needed a left full since we knew Taylor was leaving and a centrehalf as we knew Bartley was leaving our midfield needs to be fixed very quickly weather it be Vierra or Klitch it needs addressing now Pablo is a luxury for for when your 3 goals up this league is won on grafting for each other and grinding out results we dont have the personel for this long journey.

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