As you’ll all be aware by now, Leeds United were all over the news today when it was announced they would be heading on a post-season trip to Myanmar. This is a place where the United Nations describe what is happening there as “ethnic cleansing”, which to say the least, is not great.

Leeds owner Radrizzani has come under fire many times since he purchased Elland Road what feels like a blue moon ago. First we had the good old badge release that got overturned within 12 hours, then followed the collapse on the pitch that has resulted in chants for Orta to go and here we have another PR disaster from a man who’s supposed to be a bit of a PR guru.

He’s had his chance to respond though on Twitter and he had this to say

It’s fair to say the whole situation is a bit of a mess. Purely on the football side too, who actually wants to see that?

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  1. English champions in grumbling-that must be Leeds fans. There is nothing that the Club do good enough or right. They always know better. I hope Andrea, Angus and Victor all top football men stop listen to the fans and keep on doing what the have been doing and is best for Leeds United.

    • well said there are plenty of arm chair experts that are so called leeds fans who want instant success and drive people away time they all just started to get behind the owner who so far has done nothing wromg, they all rave about how good the u23 are doing but in the same breath say orta is shit im pretty sure hebrought in most of those young lads who if kept together will be a great team in a few years time, oh sorry yeah we might have to wait a couple of years rather then spend millions on player that we dont have to spend.

    • Correct Sprake … I’m so bored by the Twitterazzi who constantly believe they know better how to run Leeds United than those who do, that I rarely read their comments any more. I totally agree hl, Radrizzani has done nothing wrong so far that he hasn’t immediately rectified (the badge) and I’m sure he would, probably, admit that he has made some errors but I long to meet one of those who has never made a mistake in their own life. When I do get round to reading some of the ridiculous Twitter comments, I think I start to understand who Bates was referring to.

  2. If you want to come to a 3rd world country that embraces marxism and has hundreds of laws and privileges discriminating against white people, run by a corrupt socialist government that wants to take us back to the stoneage….come to New Zealand. ….the Venezuela/Zimbabwe of the South Pacific.

  3. Andrea Radrizzani is not only the owner of Leeds United , he is a businessman with allegedly, some business interests in Asia.
    By taking the players to Myanmar and playing 2 games of football he is doing 2 things;
    1) He is raising the profile of the club in that part of the world thus increasing revenues through his media contacts but also by hopefully selling more Leeds United replica kits and memorabilia.
    2) He is , leading the way for other football friendly gestures from other nations . Russia , Syria , Iran , North Korea and perhaps even China !
    You carry on Andrea , with your vision and foresight. Where Leeds United lead , others will surely follow.
    You couldn’t make it up!

  4. When he started he was sensible (he kept quiet).
    Now he is getting like Massimo – speaking without thinking.
    He is not a Leeds fan, but he is a business man who will use Leeds to his best advantage.
    This will embarrass the club, and add to our shame and despair.
    A season end tour, not a pre-season tour.
    The squad will need more time in the close season to recover, so will be late back for pre-season training.
    It is never wise to tour where dictators are running the show, and civil unrest abounds.
    The locals will be angry (remember South Africa, and that cricket tour).
    We are Leeds and cannot expect any better!!

  5. Football just bring joy and have no politics, when you avoid politics like racial cleansing.

    I find Myamar to be so disgusting to my own sense of right and wrong, and moreso pity, for what is forced on the Rohingya people in this world.
    That it’s not so much about Leeds as reading about the things done to these people a few months before this bit of office management gone wrong took place. (Um, used to that with this pack of idiots)

    I am not a person who takes a personal interest in Amnesty Imternational type things, but I have been absolutely sickened by what is happening to these Rohingya people being persecuted in Myamar. It is one of the very few times I’ve been woken up to the terror (for no reason) so many of the people are put through. For no particular reason that means anything, or matters to anyone else.

    Locally I am revolted by the other type of mass murder that scouting non-players like Wredwald and Grot and… and… can cause.

  6. There is one clear way out of this.

    Leeds need to backup the latest dumb move by office management, that is so dumb it should ever more towards homelessness than a dole queue, and make this trip…

    And make every single part of it a gesture, both politically and financially for the Rohingya people ! ! !

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