After another dull display at Chesterfield, Leeds United will play Swindon Town today, Glenavon tomorrow (which is probably going to be a “B” squad, followed by a weekend match at Dundee United. During the Chesterfield match, nobody could really figure out the formation due to the players not holding their shape. Between Phil Hay and Thom Kirwin everybody was trying to figure out what shape we were trying to make out there. However, this week, I’d like to hear from you.

You are the new Head Coach. Using the squad we have currently (and yes you can include Viviani) what team would you bring to the upcoming matches and what formation would you have us playing?



  1. I would play GK – silvestri , RB -Byram ,CB-Pearce,CB – Lees, LB Taylor , DM Austin , DM vivianni , Rw – poleon , CAM – bianchi , LW – doukara , ST – smith . And have cook Mowatt Dawson on the bench

    • Dom- 4-2-3-1 I reckon? Tom Lees… and Taylor…. Lees better than Wootton and Taylor better than Berrarrdi? Just curious….

  2. 4-4-2

    Berardi – Pearce – New defender/Lees – New Back/Taylor
    Byram – Bianchi/Mowatt – Viviani/Murphy – New winger/White
    Doukara/Poleon – New striker/Smith

    Bench: Taylor/Cairns, Lees, Killock, Taylor, Mowatt, Dawson, Murphy, Poleon, Smith
    Sell : Hunt, Morison, Austin, Norris, Tonge, Kenny, Wooton, Warnock, Thompson

  3. We need width. I would buy wingers and strikers. Murray, Fraiser Campbell, or Gary Hooper are what is needed to replace McCormack and we’d get change to twin one of them with Danny Graham. Agard seems to want to come and I’d add MacKay-Steven on the opposite flank and young Forrester from St. Pats for the future. Bring in Liam Cooper to bolster the defence and we have a League winning team:
    Silverstri – Byram, Cooper, Pearce (Cpt), Taylor – Agard, Viviani, Mowatt, Mackay-Steven – Murray, Graham
    second XI
    Taylor – Behrani, Lees, Swan, White – Dawson, Cook, Murphy, Forrester – Poleon, Smith // Grimes, Skelton, Walters, McDaid making up a squad of 26.

    Sell or discard Cairns, Thompson, Killock, Wootton, Warnock, Norris, Tonge, Austin, Morison, Hunt

  4. Sylvestra:Byram,Lees,Pearce,Beradi(White);Cook,Bianchi,Viviani,C.Taylor;Smith,Diakoura 442but I’d sign Hudson for Pearce Murray and Graham or Baldock upfront

  5. G/K) Silvestri, R/B) Byram, C/B) Killock, C/B) Pearce, L/B) Berardi, D/M Austin, D/M) Viviani, M) Cook, A/M) Bianchi, L/W) / ST) Doukara, ST) Smith, (SUBS S. Taylor, C. Taylor, A. Mowatt, C. Dawson, L. Murphy, R. McDaid, D. Poleon,

  6. Whatever Cellino said.
    I would make them fit. They would do running and then more runnning. Then some squats and stuff.
    I would also spend some of my £150K per year on gadgets. One of those curved TVs…


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