Leeds United have today appointed Victor Orta as Director of Football

. He started at Sevilla, won the Uefa cup in 2006, moved to Zenit and also won promotion to the Premier League with Middlesbrough. Obviously, the Boro manager throughout that period was Aitor Karanka. With Orta set to bring part of his scouting system from Boro with him, it seems we may be a better version of Boro in the next few months.

It’s not certain that Orta will bring Karanka to Elland Road, however it makes all sorts of sense. I’m not a big fan of Karanka personally, I find him a very boring character, both off the field and his teams on the pitch. However, he got Boro promoted and that’s really all we need at this stage. His behaviour at Boro was strange to say the least, he even seemed to quit once and come back. I would much prefer someone like Jokavonic from Fulham, who Orta is a known fan of, however it seems he’s taken the interest of Crystal Palace. Some managers are just more suited to certain places than others, for example Karanka made it clear he wasn’t a fan of the Middlesbrough support, somehow I don’t think he’ll have that issue with Leeds. If he did he wouldn’t last long would he?

I’d imagine Leeds will be interviewing at least one or two others as well as Karanka, but something massive would have to change for him not to be at Elland Road in the next few weeks. Who knows, he might even turn it down? Would you be happy with Karanka? Let us know.



  1. Please see sense we dont want karanka and his style of football he makes reading look like an entertaining side .
    Please leave Pep and james beatie in charge if not them well from the rest so called favourites i think Simon Grayson would be best .1

  2. I can’t make my mind up on this one. If Karanka was definitely coming I thought he would be here by now.
    He is what I call another ‘cold fish’ manager/coach like Monk. Personally, I prefer some passion on the touch line but as you say if it works and we get promoted who cares!
    However, there may yet be a surprise appointment and we don’t know if the relationship between Orta and Karanka is still good?
    I am very glad to see that Sacko should be coming back. He has blistering pace and with coaching his overall game can improve at his age. That boring play off final yesterday was crying out for someone like him to light it up. I have read some disparaging twitter comments about him which I think are unfair and ridiculous.

  3. Middlesbrough, Hull City, Aston Villa, Reading, Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland next season, Leeds United have a faint chance. Last season was a one off for Leeds United.


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