Marco Silvestri

What a phenomenal start he’s had to his Leeds career. He kept us in that game on Tuesday night, it was an onslaught and but for Silvestri could’ve been game over before half time. Probably the first name on the team sheet at this moment in time.

Onto the back four…



  1. I would just question your view of Tomasso Bianchi … a lot of what he does goes under the radar but he appears to me to be the type of midfielder we’ve been lacking, can pass the ball with both feet, can track back and can find a killer forward pass … if he was an academy player, everyone would be raving about him, and he gets better with every game.

  2. Of course Silvestri…Warnock…Pearce…Bellusci…Byram….Cook..Mowatt..Bianchi…Doukara..Sharp…Antenucci…Subs…Sloth…Adryan…Benedicic…Austin…Dawson…Taylor
    Beradi didnt convince against Bournemouth and Byram was better when he came on and more willing to get wide..seemed to have a better attitude than last few weeks…probably seen whats been happening at the club are all positives…perhaps didnt rate Hockaday? Who knows but somethings changed from a few weeks ago towhat I saw on Tuesday night for him.. All good signs look how strong that bench is…hard to change a winning team but Byram is better than Bellusci and Mowatt has more guile than Austin although Austin seems a changed player also and seems great as an impact player as per Birmingham…but hey all good options…onwards and up..MOT

    • I would start sloth and don’t know why he did not start on Tuesday..he is an automatic starter provided he is fit. as for Byram,not sure myself with him..inconsistent at the moment..he’s a quality player that plays some bad games at never know when he will be good or not so good.not consistence enough yet? the brazilian should be given at least 45 minute..thr three up front I would stay with,,Mowatt isnt fit and i would play sloth for now..Mowatt is coming on good and should still at the moment play half a game

  3. Bianchi always wants the ball and is growing game by game…Bellusci does look suspect at the back but has the grit and determination you need to improve and just needs game time and again WHAT A FREE KICK!!! If I did have my way it would be Cooper for Pearce but as you state its not gonna happen…unless the new head coach has other ideas

  4. I’d like to see Sloth in there instead of Austin personally, i really think Austin’s biggest impact is 20 mins off the bench where he can just go full steam once opponents are tired which I’ve thought for a while is his best role.


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