Uwe Rosler had given off the hint that Leeds wouldn’t be making any-more signings however Adam Pearson has changed view somewhat. Whether it’s a ploy to get people excited or it’s the genuine truth I don’t know. However what I do know is that two more signings could really put us in the thick of the play-off battle. I’ve come up with a few names that I think would help us achieve that.

Will Buckley – I know we’ve just signed a winger, but if we really want to challenge we need more than just two and Sam Byram isn’t actually a winger. What if one of them gets injured? There would be problems. Will Buckley is top quality for this division and would take our team up another level.



  1. Buckley and Moore. Buckley provides competition in midfield and ensures we don’t lose width should the versatile Dallas be utillised elsewhere (he’s covered right back before). Moore provides much needed pace at the back. Brandon Barker highly unlikely as he’s signed a five year contract at Man City so I can’t see Cellino’s preferred ‘option to buy loan’ being offered.

    • Buckley definetley yes and Brandon barker has never played any competitive football!!! we should never have let Morrison or sharp go with time they would have been better than wood and Erwin, moore is utter rubbish btw

  2. We’ve got to stop looking at easy options such as J Thomas, Buckley is a realistic signing. Cheapest isn’t the way to go, we must keep trying to bring in Quality player’s to fit in with player’s already at Leeds!

  3. Buckley and Moore for me too i feel if we got these two then I would actually believe we would have a chance of going up been talking to my mate since transfer window opened about Moore him and bamba at back would be quality

  4. Barton , whilst having had some mad moments would bring a bit of maturity to the side in the middle of the park, where we are essentially pretty inexperienced. Whilst he is no Maradonna, Barton has experience and his influence would certainly help the younger lads. Wildcard signing at best , but remember when Gordon Strachan signed (he was supposedly past his best) and he proved a master stroke – not saying Barton is another Strachan , but maybe his experience , and a few things to prove might just be the key to him having a successful and influential season – can’t see it happening , but it could be interesting if it did. And Buckley would be a real addition if it happened.


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