Welcome to the final part of this series, featuring Sheffield Wednesday and Wolves.

Sheffield Wednesday
The owls have a new owner that states they will be in the premier league in two years, a statement that a lot of championship clubs new owners have promised, but struggled to achieve. It’s not an easy division to get out of LUFC, QPR, Notts Forest, Reading will all vouch for this. They have dispensed with Stuart Gray, who’s mostly responsible for the owls being in this division, he’s been replaced with Carlos Carvalhal who has had spells in Portugal and Turkey with his only notable honour being the Portuguese cup winner in 07/08 with Vitória de Setúbal. We all know the championship is its own beast, not like any other league, I guess Wednesday fans will hope he has the right skills. A few purchases from Portugal alongside Lewis Mcgugan and Ross Wallace to replace the likes of Maguire, Buxton, Kirkland, Madine & mattock. For me Wednesday are a difficult one to predict although im swaying towards them struggling to stay up. Just for rocking the apple cart with Gray after finishing their highest for 6/7 years. Prediction – Lower than 13th to show getting a random coach in over one that’s done well with not a lot of play in the transfer window is unfair.



  1. To me Stuart gray did well, give him a bob or two more and he could have competed for a top six place, would have kept Gary Madine, he just needed a run in the side.


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