The season is back and I’m extremely happy about it, Leeds put in a great performance against a team that will be up there come the end of the season and we should have won really. However it was a very positive day and there were quite a few things that came to my attention.

We looked like an actual team – It’s weird, all the players had their own jobs and knew what they were supposed to do. Tom Adeyemi is a prime example of that, I thought he was great. The credit for this has got to go to Rosler really, my early impressions of him have been excellent, he seems very thorough in everything he does.



  1. Agree with all you said, Can’t remember the last time I saw so many replica shirts, the atmosphere was fantastic, if we can get some momentum we will become a unstoppable force, this team will grow and grow and when we see that we will lift the roof.

  2. Yesterday’s game was better than anything I saw last season, summed up by Roslers celebration of our goal ( love to see that passion )back four I thought looked strong, tidy in the middle of the park.( wish Mowatt had another yard or two’s pace though ) Wood I think showed enough to prove he can score goals at this level. All in all very happy with life at ER at the moment.Keep it up boys that’s the challenge MOT.

  3. As a follow of Leeds for over 60 years, season ticket holder in the Revie era but one restricted to TV watching I have looked forward to this season with good anticipation, however Leeds were good only in flashes, but why does the goalkeeper and in many cases some of the defence have to hoof the wall up the field (Warnock style) surely the keeper can find a player somewhere on the field to give the ball to, they can’t score whilst we have the ball!!, thought Wood was “lost” for long periods of the game but Dallas showed up well. I still have good anticipation

  4. I have been following Leeds for over 40 Years .and this time,I believe we have a great chance this year. we have half the side which is Premier league quality,half will be gone if ever we get back to the premier League this season. Mowatt Cook and Byram will develop into Premiers league Players..and they will be the back-bone of our Future team. we have a few others who might be good enough for us also,if we get promoted this season.could name about 4 but I leave that for another discussion.

    ..sometimes it best to Shoot the ball up field,but not always..we are looking very Organized right now..and to be honest,I expected this from Rosler..he keeps them all fit which is quite a good tactic. because later in games,and later in the season,will become useful as other teams become tired..and we have a young Team also..a good combination. .

    • I meant,Late on in some of the games,the other Players of other teams might get tired,but Leeds will not if they keep up their Fitness Levels ..and later in the season,teams tend to get tired closer they get to around March- i think that Rosler is thinking ahead about this also.the fitness state of the Players is key to winning games..even when your opposition can be Better class of are 0-0 right till the last 10 Minute..your opponent might have many players around the age of 29 – 30 while Leeds have half the team around 20 to 23..and under a very strict fitness bodes well..

  5. Yep, good in flashes. Panicky at the back at times, and midfield did not support the isolated Wood. The passing game did not really flow forward and the full backs rarely got forward enough and overlap either winger.

    For his part Wood looks like a player out of form, he did not hold th eball up enough and was dominated by Burnley;s centre backs. I think it will taken him 15-20 games to get match fit in terms of overall sharpness to convert the chances he should get.

    The concession of the goal was a kick in the teeth that said with very poor defending on the left side to allow Boyd to get free and build the position for an unchallenged cross. The finsih was sublime but Bellusci was caught on his back foot.

    But there is decent raw material to build on and we should be challenging to finish top 10 but play-offs is beyond us.


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