5 things we learned from the loss to Sheffield Wednesday


A truly terrible performance on Sunday to back up the equally poor games against Cardiff and Millwall. A lot was made clear during the game, along with a lot of puzzles to solve. Here are the 5 things we learned:

We need a plan B

It sounds obvious, but we really do need a plan B. At this stage, it seems that we have absolutely no idea what we’re doing in away games as soon as we go a goal down. At first it was “Oh, it’s Millwall, we can’t do anything about it”, then it was “Neil Warnock, this always happens” but after the game yesterday, people have realised we have a serious issue here. It’s clear that the formation isn’t working, that’s not to say it never will, but when it isn’t it needs to be changed. As simple as it sounds, sacrificing a Saiz or Hernandez and playing three in midfield could work wonders.



  1. A team is built from the back ie: the goalkeeper but unfortunately our keeper has a very soft centre. No bottle. Get rid

  2. Any team in the Championship or elsewhere will tell you we have a clown in the nets, wednesday players were peeing themselves as they dominated his box. Leeds guys were doing well till the first goal heads dropped thinking ‘here we go again’. weed walled should be dropped to third choice because he should have matured enough by now.

  3. You’re right with what you say. But I’ve always questioned Jansson and got slaughtered for my comments
    Is he number 1 choice at centre half. I know Leeds fans love someone who puts a shows passion in, but him and Berardi aren’t good enough in my opinion. Back in the day I questioned Smith and Strachan. Massively overrated for me!

  4. The coaching, it seems to have all gone to pot. There was too many people not trying is there someone interfering in the team selection that should not.


  5. drop Siaz, until he learns how to pass and not look for glory. Twice he could have put Lasoga in and twice he waisted the chance.

  6. Simple things,spine of the team needs to be strong . Defence has no confidence in goalkeeper ,Midfield is lightweight, we need to press when we don”t have the ball, not sit back. We give the ball away to much and look slow and laboured.

    • Congratulations ! Your summation is spot on . This team as it stands right now quite simply has no spine at all . No backbone . The distribution is awful and the willingness to work for each other just does not exist .
      We need some serious thinking both tactically and managerially before the winter sets in and the ground gets heavy .

  7. You fail to highlight the BIGGEST problem of all – the team’s loss of confidence in the KEEPER.
    Weidwald was found out in his last games in Germany – and he has certainly been found out at Leeds!
    The bloke is as bad as Rahubka – GET RID NOW before he drags us even lower – the team will magically improve with a Rob Green in goal! (Oh i forgot -we got rid and replaced him with CRAP!)

  8. 15 million for woods and never signed a left back and then got rid of rob green 3 games been murdered down right flank goalkeeper who stands their like a rabbit caught up in headlights just a blip no left back a problem till January swopped silvestri for weidwald after Sunday’s performance only said and lassoga could hold their heads up rest a load of cowards and should be bloody ashamed of themselves


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