We recently did an article on 5 wingers that we could sign and then I thought, which other area is a bit of a problem? The CB position fits the bill, we may be doing fine in terms of the number of CB’s that we have but the quality? It’s not there I’m afraid. Bellusci is too error prone, on his day he’ll be fantastic, the day doesn’t come often enough. Jason Pearce also has an error in him and I think if we’re being honest, he’s not good enough if we want to be successful. Liam Cooper I believe is good enough and will only get better, I think he needs a good partner. Here are 5 CB’s that I think would improve Leeds:

Steve cook

Steve Cook – Bournemouth have been brilliant this season and Steve Cook has been a vital part of this. However given that he’s vice-captain and only 23-years-old, it may be a difficult one to pull off. However, the name Leeds United does still mean something so it’s a possibility. Oh, he also signed a three-year contract in the summer, good luck lads.



  1. You have argued a good case for each but loans are not the way forward.
    The 70 or so loan players that we have had in the last 10 years have held us back.

  2. leeds need some spanish player to get promotion position. Good CB could be Ramis or Chico.. or if you look in spanish league Kasim from mallorca is a very good player and very young

  3. It’s Ake for me. He’s been in their squad for a handful of matches so they rate him. He’s young, quick, and versatile. Probably lower wages too. Good article.

  4. Maguire is the best of the lot. 3 time League One Team of the Season, 3 time Blades Player of the Year and all achieved by 21 years old. Clearly he’s good enough for the Championship and it would be a great step in his progression as a player.

    Let’s not forget as well we have a highly rated 19 year old Italian youth international player on our training pitch too, if we’re truly looking for young up and comers.


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