3 standout performers from Leeds’ win v Barnsley


Leeds put in a quality performance that was much-needed in Barnsley yesterday afternoon. There were good performances all over the field, but some shone brighter than others… Here are the three we picked out.

Samuel Sáiz

He had to be mentioned didn’t he? The guy seriously is a step above everyone else on the pitch almost every time he steps foot on it. He ran Barnsley ragged and could have probably taken it up another gear if he really wanted to. He takes the ball just beyond the halfway-line and before you know it he’s having a shot or setting someone up on the edge of their penalty area. Can you imagine losing him in January? It’s not even worth thinking about.



  1. Barnsley are currently a poor team and if we were a better team yesterday the score woukd have been something like 0-5. Still a win keeps the showdown the road and defers a change of manager for now. I don’t want to be mean and it may just be a subjective allergy to TC’s voice but I can’t listen to him – he sounds watery: more substantially I don’t think ‘carrying out instructions’ is the final word in successful management. Players, at some point, have to take charge themselves on the field. It is called initiative Tomas. Looking forward to Villa whom we beat last year with a substantially different side – a better one than we have at present, in my judgement. So, a good result against what is now a more effective Villa side (with the great Snoddy in its ranks) would silence me – for a while.

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